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Insurance affects everyone’s livelihood. It’s only right that it gets better. Before humanity had electricity, there was insurance. The demand for it never left us, it only grew. But there comes a time in every industry’s lifecycle for a change to be enacted – for new innovation to thrive.

Our Mobility program is an innovation platform that creates an in-depth and curated collaboration between core partners from the industry, investment firms, and mentors to help the growth of startup companies.


STARTUP AUTOBAHN (Stuttgart) is an accelerator program under PNP mobility that was started in 2016 and has expanded its platform to Singapore. We have since completed 3 successful batches, accelerating 24 startups in the process. Together with our corporate partners Daimler, Jardine Cycle & Carriage and The Linde Group, we look forward to the success of our future batches.

In contrast to our other vertical-specific accelerators, the Supply Chain and Logistics program will draw Corporate Partners and Startups from across a variety of industries, given the need for supply chain management and effective logistical operations in almost all businesses. As one of the most successful programs at Plug and Play, the Supply Chain program works closely with 37+ different Corporations along the supply chain continuum that are looking for digital and innovative solutions with the potential to enhance their capabilities.

The utility of trade, lending, and money has been evident since the inception of civilization and global commerce. Fintech has similarly been at the core of Plug and Play's innovation platform, as it was one of our first verticals to launch in 2014. As the world continues to grow and evolve, the nature of banking must adapt as well. Plug and Play aspires to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift in the financial services industry.

Travel accounts for 10% of the global GDP, an $8 trillion industry that changes everybody’s lives, every single day. It once took months to plan a voyage across the ocean, now it can be done in a few taps. We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the way we move, sleep, eat, buy and see. At Plug and Play, we launched our Travel and Hospitality accelerator back in 2016 to catalyze this change. 

The Smart Cities Program will be the facilitator for the success of building cities to be smarter. Realizing that digital technology will continue to be more widely available and intertwined for urban lives, we have been in the forefront of building a successful ecosystem of Smart Cities around the world by bringing together all the key players to solve these urban challenges.

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